9:15 am: Prayer time - Prayer Room

9:30 am:  Fellowship Time - Fireside Room

9:45 am: Sunday School

11:00 am: The Church at Worship and Praise

4:00 pm: JoyBells (Children's Handbells)

4:45 pm: The Vine (Youth Choir/Handbells)

5:30 pm:Granite City Ringers/Youth Snack Supper

6:00 pm: Youth Time

Wednesday (Missions, dinner, and evening adult Bible study - will resume September 5th

5:15-6:00pm: Church Family Fellowship Meal (Reservations needed by noon each Tuesday)

6:00-7:00 pm: Bible Study for Adults, Fellowship Hall (Nursery provided for birth - age 2)

6:00-6:30 pm: Music and Mission Time for ages 3-5; Children's Choir for K-2nd graders; Mission Kids for   3rd - 5th graders

6:30-7:00 pm: Music and Mission Time for ages 3-5; Mission Kids for K-2nd graders; Children's Choir for 3rd-5th graders

7:15 pm: Chancel Choir Rehearsal


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The committee shall consist of six members, preferably three men and three women, nominated by the Nominating Committee and duly elected by the church. The members of the committee shall elect their Chair, vice-Chair, and secretary annually. The pastor and other members of the ministerial staff shall serve as ex officio members of this committee.

Term of office

The members of this committee shall be elected by the church prior to December 15 for a term of two years, to begin January 1, with the terms to be staggered so that three members are elected each year. Members may succeed themselves if duly nominated and elected.


The Nominating Committee shall meet as necessary to discharge its responsibilities as stated herein, so as to enable it to submit its total slate of nominees for all positions to the church according to the schedule below. Meetings shall be held on the call of the Chair.


1. Nominate the following church leaders and officers as stated:

Term Begins

(a) On or before July 1: Sunday School Director Upon Election

Woman's Missionary Union Director Upon Election

Baptist Men's Director Upon Election

(Note: The term for these three positions previously began October 1.)

(b) On or before August 15: Note: All other positions are to be elected by August 15 and their terms begin on September 1, except the Finance Committee, Personell Committee, and the Nominating Committee, which are to be elected by December 15 and their terms begin on January 1.

Sunday School Nursery Department September 1

Sunday School Preschool Department September 1

Sunday School Children's Department September 1

Sunday School Youth Department September 1

Sunday School Adult I September 1

Sunday School Adult II September 1

Sunday School Adult III September 1

Diaconate September 1

Moderator September 1

Vice Moderator September 1

Church Clerk September 1

Assistant Church Clerk September 1

Church Treasurer September 1

Assistant Church Treasurer September 1

Historian September 1

Associational Representative September 1

Boy Scout Institutional Representative September 1

Librarian September 1

Personnel Committee January 1

Finance Committee January 1

House and Grounds Committee September 1

Music Committee September 1

Lord's Supper Committee September 1

Baptismal Committee September 1

Flower Committee September 1

Nursery Committee September 1

Kitchen Committee September 1

Fellowship Committee September 1

Van Committee September 1

Senior Adult Committee September 1

Library Committee September 1

Benevolent Committee September 1

Recreation Committee September 1

By-Laws Committee September 1

Bereavement Committee September 1

Outreach Committee September 1

Discipleship Committee September 1

2 members under 35, 2 members 35-54, 2 members over 54 and a chairman)

Creative Ministries Committee September 1

2. Nominate members and Chairs of committees (with recommendations from current committee members) as directed by the church. The director of each organization of the church, including the Diaconate, the Sunday School Director, the Woman's Missionary Union Director, and the Baptist Men's Director shall work with the Nominating Committee in securing nominees for positions within his or her organization or area. The terms of the members of such committees shall be set by the church.

3. Make nominations to the Church to fill vacancies occurring in the church's non-staff officers, Diaconate, committees, or organizations.

4. Recommend to the Church the establishment of any new committees needed, and the number of members for them.

5. Obtain the consent and agreement to serve if elected, of any member before nominating him or her to any position.

6. Maintain permanent minutes of all committee meetings. A report will be presented at church business meetings when appropriate.

Last Published: September 1, 2011 8:58 AM

Sunday, August 26th at 11:00am: Blessing of the Backpacks 

Monday, August 27th 11:45am - 2:00 pm: August Fellowship Gathering

Wednesday, August 29th at 6:30pm: Church Committee Orientation in the Fellowship Hall

Saturday, September 8th:  Primetimers' Trip to Floyd, VA

Sunday, September 9th: Sunday School Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall

Sunday, September 9th:  Potluck Youth Kickoff at 5:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall

Saturday/Sunday September 15th and 16th: Youth Back to School Camping and Whitewater Rafting Adventure





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